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22 June 2017

About Me

  • Machine Intelligence / Startups / Finance
    • Moved from NYC to Singapore in Sep-2013
  • 2014 = 'fun' :
    • Machine Learning, Deep Learning, NLP
    • Robots, drones
  • Since 2015 = 'serious' :: NLP + deep learning
    • & Papers...


  • Intro to tools :
    • Dense, CNN, RNN, Embedding
  • Goal : Captioning
  • Sequence Learning
  • Embedding choice?
  • Model choice!
  • Demo (with voice-over)

Quick Review

  • Basic Neuron : Simple computation
  • Layers of Neurons : Feature creation

Single "Neuron"

One Neuron

Change weights to change output function


Layers of neurons combine and
can form more complex functions


TensorFlow Playground

TensorFlow Layout

Main take-aways

  • Goal : Predict Output for a given Input
  • Train using known Input and Output data
  • The blame game (aka Gradient Descent)
  • Deep networks 'create' features

Processing Images

  • Pixels in an images are 'organised'
  • Idea : Use whole image as feature
    • Update parameters of 'Photoshop filters'
  • Mathematical term : 'convolution kernel'
    • CNN = Convolutional Neural Network

CNN Filter

CNN Diagram

Play with a Filter

Convolution Demo

Processing Sequences

Variable-length input doesn't "fit"

  • Run network for each timestep
    • ... with the same parameters
  • But 'pass along' internal state
  • This state is 'hidden depth'
    • ... and should learn features that are useful
    • ... because everything is differentiable

Basic RNN

RNN Chain

RNN chain

Gated Recurrent Units



Word Embeddings

  • Major advance in ~ 2013
  • Words that are nearby in the text should have similar representations
  • Assign a vector (~300d) to each word
    • Slide a 'window' over the text (1Bn words?)
    • Word vectors are nudged around to minimise surprise
    • Keep iterating until 'good enough'
  • The vector-space of words self-organizes...

Embedding in a Picture

TensorBoard Embeddings

TensorBoard FTW!

Image → Caption

Captioning TEST : Dog with Hose
  • large brown dog running away from the sprinkler in the grass .
  • a brown dog chases the water from a sprinkler on a lawn .
  • a brown dog running on a lawn near a garden hose
  • a brown dog plays with the hose .
  • a dog is playing with a hose .

Data Set : Flickr30k

  • Summary statistics :
    • 31,783 images
    • 158,915 human-created captions
  • Attribution-style licensing :
    • P. Young, A. Lai, M. Hodosh, and J. Hockenmaier. From image description to visual denotations: New similarity metrics for semantic inference over event descriptions

Flickr30k : Feat(Image)

  • Featurize all the images using InceptionV3
Google Inception v3 / mdda / deep-learning-workshop

Flickr30k : Feat(Text)

  • Want to make sure captions are learnable
    • Only use captions with "common-enough" words
    • All words must be in 5 different images
    • All words must be in GloVe 100k (50d) embedding
  • Ensure 'stop' words are at start of dictionary / mdda / deep-learning-workshop

Sequences from

  • Word-by-word (Test)
  • Teacher forcing (Training)
  • Embedding choices

Generating Sequences

Magic Sequence Generator

Basic Layout : Test Time

Training Time

Teacher Forcing

"Teacher Forcing"

Embedding Choices

  • Word Vector
  • One-Hot embedding
  • Use each word's numeric index

Word Vectors

  • Fixed dimension, independent of vocab size
  • Stop words may be 'murky'
  • Action words need definitions
  • Often used as input stage


  • Vocab ~7k ⇒ vector.len == 7000
  • Very high number of 0/1 inputs
  • Often used as output stage
  • idx = ArgMax( Softmax() )

Binary Index

  • Low dimensionality
    • 14 binary digits for 7k vocabulary
  • Difficult to believe it works
  • Add resilience using ECC


  • Action+Stop words : 141-d
  • Word Embedding : 50-d
  • Concatenate them
  • Use as input stage

New Machinery

  • Dilated CNNs
  • BatchNorm
  • Residual connections
  • Gated Linear Units
  • Fishing Nets
  • Attention-is-all-you-need Layer

Dilated CNNs

DeepMind : WaveNet

WaveNet Layer

Conv1D(padding='causal', dilation_rate=4)


  • Fix activation/parameter explosion problems
  • New Layer that learns scaling parameters :
    • Squash layer to ~N(0,1)
    • In Keras : BatchNorm()
  • Newer ideas : LayerNorm (not in Keras)

Residual Connections

Introduced by Microsoft in their ResNet Paper

Residual Ideas

Skip connections now very common

Gated Linear Units

Gated Linear Unit

Use one path to 'gate' another path

Attention-is-all-you-need Layer


See the very recent Google paper

Network Picture 1

Standard GRU

'Standard' GRU set-up

Network Picture 2

Dilated CNN

Dilated CNN set-up (many variants)

Network Picture 3

Gated Linear Unit CNN

Facebook CNN set-up (radically simplified)

Network Picture 4

AIAYN Network

Attention is All you Need (Google, T+7 days)


Run Captioning / mdda / deep-learning-workshop

Image → Caption :

Captioning TEST : Dog with Hose
  • cables burning gracefully pin shine spoons arrange marshy solar board briefs claps tickets survey disinterested tractor looked movies guns rows engine technical town plaza fat captain paddlers historic motorcyclist soccer scales arabian
  • does crown items bug pause ink what kayakers ohio lettering bikes battle squeezing person clad

Typical Training

  • Input is 141d one-hot + 50d embedding
  • Output is ~7,000 softmax one-hot
  • Internal width ~200 units
  • No special learning rate adjustments
  • 50 epochs take ~ 3.5 hrs

Image → Caption : GRUs

Captioning TEST : Dog with Hose
  • a black dog running on a park .
  • two big dogs play ball across the grass .
  • the dog is being blocked by three other men each of it to something .
  • a dog chases a ball while a man in a vest holding the hand .
  • a man and a dog are chasing with a frisbee in the grass .

Results : Dilated CNN

Captioning TEST : Dog with Hose
  • the brown dog is standing on a yard .
  • one dog bites another baseball player has found behind in the background .
  • a dog running in a field leaps onto a field .
  • two brown dogs are playing with a ball at a park .
  • a brown dog runs his white dog while he is running along in winter grass .

Results :

Captioning TEST : Dog with Hose
  • a gray dog is running on a grass field .
  • a dog jumping off over a bush .
  • a dog on a leash is near a fountain .
  • a brown dog is running through the muddy rain .
  • a one dog with a brown jacket is playing in an enclosed setting .

Results : AIAYN

Captioning TEST : Dog with Hose
  • two dogs play in the grass .
  • two dogs race by the two dogs fight to a grassy yard .
  • the brown dogs lead beside two fire .
  • two colored dog on a dogs to a metal tunnel .
  • one dog chases after a brown dog on the park .


  • This session was more challenging
  • Lots of innovation in NLP
  • Having a GPU is VERY helpful
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