Machine Intelligence for Your Business

    Your business can make more money - By combining your data and our machine intelligence :

    • Your business has under-utilized data
    • Getting at your data's value is difficult, because of the expensive systems you need
    • We have built systems that you can use immediately

    Because you have arrived before we have launched publicly, if you give us your name and email, we'll be able to get you started more quickly.

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    Your Data ROI

    You've heard all about the benefits of "Big Data", but your priority is making money, rather than "doing science".

    We're investing in systems up-front, so you can easily implement sophisticated machine learning methods on your data without large infrastructure investments.

    Using Best-of-Breed Technologies

    Our platform is designed to scale with your needs, even if you're only starting with a few mega-bytes of data

    We cover all the buzz-words (like Hadoop, Spark, Deep Learning, Decision Forests, etc) - so that you can focus on the business benefits.

    The Complete Package

    Our service will be available with month-to-month pricing, with the option of calling in experts to help with suggestions if necessary.

    When you're satisfied that your solution is ready for "Prime Time", we can also help you implement it completely "in-house" if that's important to your business.

    Technologies We Make Simple