Extracting Names using RNNs

PyDataSG Jan-2017

Martin Andrews @ redcatlabs.com

23 January 2017

About Me

  • Machine Intelligence / Startups / Finance
    • Moved from NYC to Singapore in Sep-2013
  • 2014 = 'fun' :
    • Machine Learning, Deep Learning, NLP
    • Robots, drones
  • Since 2015 = 'serious' :: NLP + deep learning
    • & Papers...

RNNs for NLP

  • Natural Language Processing
  • Neural Networks
    • Basics
    • Word Embeddings
    • Recurrent Neural Networks
  • Workshop : UPPER-CASE NER
  • More exotic examples

Natural Language Processing

  • Work with text input
  • Applications in :
    • Text Analysis
    • Translation
    • Knowledge Extraction

Digression : Basic Neural Networks

  • Basic building blocks are not magical
  • Simple mathematical units ...
  • ... combine to compute a complex function

Single "Neuron"

One Neuron

Change weights to change output function


Layers of neurons combine to
form more complex functions


Supervised Learning

  • while not done :
    • Pick a training case (xtarget_y)
    • Evaluate output_y from the x
    • Modify the weights so that output_y is closer to target_y for that x


  • How much 'blame' to assign to a weight?
  • If it is connected to an output : Easy
  • Otherwise, calculate :
    • Blame to assign to each neuron in layer before output
    • Treat each of these errors as a source of error signal
    • Walk back through network
  • Same complexity as forward pass

What's Going On Inside?

  • Time to look at :
    • Input features
    • What each neuron is learning
    • How the training converges

Workshop : Internals

    • Go to the Javascript Example : TensorFlow
TensorFlow Playground

(or search online for TensorFlow Playground)

TensorFlow Playground

TensorFlow Layout

NNs for Images

  • Add 'convolutions' and depth
  • Can map images to classes

NNs for NLP?

  • Problem : Is a word a feature?
  • Problem : How long is a sentence?

Handling Words

  • English ~100k words
  • A 'one-hot' input seems wasteful
  • Learn about word inter-relationships from corpus?

Word Embeddings

  • Major advances : word2vec & GloVe
  • Basic idea : assign a vector (~300d) to each word
  • If words co-occur in sliding window across text, vectors should be close too
  • Keep iterating until 'good enough'

Word Embedding

  • A map from "token"Float[100]
  • Train over corpus on windows of words
  • Self-organizes...
Word Similarity

(eg: word2vec or GloVe)

Embedding Visualisation

Word Analogies

Highlighting Analogies

Networks on Sequences

Variable-length input doesn't "fit"

  • Process each timestep
  • ... with the same network
  • But 'pass along' internal state

Recurrent Neural Networks

  • Apply a network iteratively over input
  • Internal state carried forward step-wise
  • Everything is still differentiable

Basic RNN

RNN Chain

RNN chain

Chaining State

  • Each node 'knows' history
  • ... all weights are 'tied'
  • Network depth is time-wise

Basic RNN

Simple RNN

Simplest RNN (but has gradient problem)

Gated Recurrent Units



LSTM Units


A Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) Unit

Piled Higher and Deeper

  • Can also pile up layers
  • ... and run forwards and backwards

Key Point

  • Everything is still differentiable
  • So : RNNs can be trained
  • So : RNNs can learn to do NLP


NER : Motivation

  • Build a quality NLP system for a Singapore startup
  • Essential component : Named Entity Recognition (NER)
  • Cannot use most existing NLP/NER systems
  • Cannot use expensive data

NER : Quick Example

  • Transform :
    • Soon after his graduation, Jim Soon became Managing Director of Lam Soon.
  • Into :
    • Soon after his graduation, Jim_Soon PER became Managing Director of Lam_Soon ORG.

Learning Named Entity Recognition

  • Can we train an RNN to do 'NER'?
  • Steps :
    • Create a word embedding
    • Get an annotated dataset
    • Train an RNN on the dataset

Choosing a Dataset

  • Human annotated Corpora are difficult to distribute :
    • Use NLTK to annotate Wikipedia
    • Train RNN on machine annotations
    • Look at performance vs NLTK

Let's Make it "Interesting"

  • Twist : Restrict RNN input to single case text



Learning to do ~NER

Network Picture

RNN Tagger Network

Bidirectional RNN


More Exotic

  • Sentences as Input == Working
  • Can we Output sentences too?
  • Where can this lead?

Feed Outputs to Inputs

  • Each node outputs vector
  • Can softmax-choose 'answer'
  • Feed that 'answer' in as next input

Network Picture

RNN Output to Input Chaining

Each output becomes the next input


RNN Characterwise

Still a work-in-progress (training takes too long)

Poetry : Epoch 1

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Poetry : Epoch 100

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Poetry : Epoch 1000

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Plays : Epoch 338

Larger network...

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	And thou say: and wall you teading for
	that struke you down as sweet one.
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Image Labelling

We have the components now

Image Labelling

Image Labels

Labelling Results



Encoder Network feeds hidden state to Decoder Network

Attention Network

Attention Network

Differentiable → Training : Even crazy stuff works!



  • Deep Learning also applicable to NLP
  • Language structure not as 'natural' as images
  • Still in its early stages
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