Machine Intelligence for Your Business

    Your business can make more money - using cutting-edge machine intelligence on your existing data :

    • Your business has under-utilized data
    • Maximising your data's value is difficult, because it is difficult to know where to start
    • We can help by training your people, developing solutions together and making sure that you're set for success

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    Consultancy Services

    Red Cat Labs can quickly evaluate how applicable Machine Learning techniques would be to your business. This is an important initial sanity check, since we both need to be sure that there is enough value that can be added to make the project a success.

    We have also worked for Venture firms to assess potential portfolio company technologies & expertise.


    Finding employees who are already trained in Machine Learning techniques can be a significant hurdle. So we often find that companies want their existing employees to benefit from hands-on instruction.

    Red Cat Labs has experience training people in Machine Learning - from introductory lectures, to being invited to give extended, hands-on workshops at international conferences.

    Building Prototypes

    Our greatest value is in establishing the foundations of a working system - proving that machine learning can unlock value within your business.

    Red Cat Labs is also prepared to carry a project through to full commercial deployment, but the biggest win is where we can transfer the necessary skills to your own team, so that the new technology can be fully supported in-house going forwards.

    Our Process

    • Concept

      Understanding the data, and creating measurable benchmarks.

    • Prototyping

      Creating a first-draft working solution, to gauge effectiveness.

    • Training

      Knowledge transfer, so that your team is ready to move forward.

    • Launch

      Put a Machine Learning solution that achieves your goals into production.

    Workshops & Training

    Red Cat Labs has developed a Workshop series, where participants get an in-depth, hands-on introduction to the following areas :

    • Deep Learning introduction and an outline of the current State-of-the-Art
    • Vision applications (CNNs), including Transfer Learning
    • Text analysis including generation of word-embeddings and RNNs
    • Reinforcement Learning (~AlphaGo), the hot topic of 2016
    • Anomaly Detection and other applications of unsupervised learning

    The trainings can be conducted in several formats, depending on what you hope to achieve - whether it is individual skills enhancement; team training; or working jointly on a project :

    • a single evening session;
    • a series of bite-sized sessions spread across several days;
    • full- or half- day sessions;
    • 3-day intensives;
    • full-week deep dives; to
    • multi-week bootcamp, including project and/or research work.

    For more information, have a look at the Presentations page.

    Workshop Slide Examples


    As part of its mission to advance the state-of-the-art, Red Cat Labs also publishes research at international academic conferences.

    Sample Projects

    Hour Glass Management Bios

    Text Analytics

    Parsing the names of people and companies, as well as the relationships between them, from free-form Annual Report PDF documents.

    Relationship Knowledge Graph

    Knowledge Bases

    Factual relationship knowledge can be stored in the form of a graph database. Making use of this knowledge can be important in Entity Disambiguation, for example.

    IC OCR sample

    Computer Vision

    Using a pipeline of machine vision and task-specific OCR to read national identity cards from emailed photos.

    Palm Trees before-and-after

    Agriculture Analytics

    Counting palm trees is a seemingly simple computer vision task, but it is made more complex by the variety of shapes that a single tree can take for a drone flying overhead...