Going Deeper

with Python & Theano

Martin Andrews / @redcatlabs

19 June 2015

Machine Deep Learning

About Me

  • Finance / Startups / Machine Learning
    • Moved to Singapore in Sep-2013
  • The past year (2014) = 'fun' :
    • Machine Learning : Deep Learning, NLP
    • Languages : Python, Go, Scala, NodeJS, Haskell, Python
    • "MeetUp Pro"
  • This year (2015) = 'serious' NLP

Talk Outline

  • What people are doing
  • Why Python / Theano / ++ ?
  • Demos & Code

In a random order...

Deep Learning

  • Neural Networks
  • Multiple layers
  • Fed with lots of Data


  • 1980+ : Lots of enthusiasm for NNs
  • 1995+ : Disillusionment = A.I. Winter (v2+)
  • 2005+ : Stepwise improvement : Depth
  • 2010+ : GPU revolution : Data

Who is involved

  • Google - Hinton (Toronto)
  • Facebook - LeCun (NYC)
  • Baidu - Ng (Stanford)
  • ... Apple (acquisitions), etc
  • Universities, eg: Montreal (Bengio)

Basic Approach

  • Same as original Neural Networks in 1980s/1990s
  • Simple mathematical units ...
  • ... combine to compute a complex function
  • Focus on Supervised Learning here

Single "Neuron"

One Neuron

Change weights to change output function


Layers of neurons combine and
can form more complex functions


Supervised Learning

  • while not done :
    • Pick a training case (xtarget_y)
    • Evaluate output_y from the x
    • Modify the weights so that output_y is closer to target_y for that x

Gradient Descent

Follow the gradient of the error
w.r.t the connection weights


"Hello World" → MNIST

  • Nice dataset from the late 1980s
  • Training set of 50,000 28x28 images
  • Now end-of-life as a useful benchmark

MNIST digits

Simple Network


... around 2-3% error rate on the test set

New Problems

  • ImageNet Competition
  • over 15 million labeled high-resolution images...
  • ... in over 22,000 categories

ImageNet Karpathy

Need for Speed


... need for GPU programmers


  • Great for high-level glue-code
  • Increasingly used in research:
    • iPython
    • + bokeh (visualisation)
    • Theano
    • + blocks + fuel
  • Huge, supportive community


  • Optimised Numerical Computation in Python
  • Computation is described in Python code :
    • Theano operates on expression tree itself
    • Optimizes the tree for operations it knows
    • Makes use of numpy and BLAS
    • Also writes C/C++ or CUDA (or OpenCL)

Graphing Demo

# From : https://github.com/mdda
# Repo : pycon.sg-2015_deep-learning
# Open : ipynb / 1-LivePlotting.ipynb

Bokeh : Hello World

First section of notebook

iPython/bokeh hello world

Theano : Gradient Descent

Using the blocks set-up

plotter = Plot('Plotting example', channels=[['cost','a']], after_batch=True)
main_loop = MainLoop(
     model=None, data_stream=data_stream,
        TrainingDataMonitoring([cost, a], after_batch=True),

Live Updating

Screen-grab during training ...


(PR submitted to blocks-extras)

More Complex Networks

Google ImageNet

GoogLeNet (2014)

ImageNet Results

ImageNet Results

(now human competitive on ImageNet)

'blocks' for Theano

  • Overlay on top of Theano
  • Developed by Montreal research group :
    • Recently (2015-06) launched
    • Being actively developed
    • Documentation actually exists
    • Happy to accept Pull Requests
    • Active on Google Groups

'blocks' Teaser

  • DSL to describe deep networks :
    • Initialization : Constant, Gaussian, Orthonormal, ...
    • Sigmoids : Tanh, ReLU, ...
    • Gradient Descent : Momentum, ADAgrad, ...
    • Cost Functions : CategoricalCrossEntropy, ...
    • Misc : BeamSearch, ...
  • Also 'fuel' for Dataset wrangling

What's Next?

Recurrent Overview

Image Labelling

Image Labelling

LSTM Units


Image Labels

Labelling Results

Recurrent Neural Network Demo

# From : https://github.com/mdda
# Repo : pycon.sg-2015_deep-learning
# Open : ipynb / 6-RNN-as-Author.ipynb

Blocks : Simple Recurrent

transition = GatedRecurrent(name="transition", dim=hidden_state_dim, activation=Tanh())
generator =  SequenceGenerator(
  Readout(readout_dim=num_states, source_names=["states"],
              num_states, feedback_dim, name='feedback'),
  weights_init=IsotropicGaussian(0.01), biases_init=Constant(0),

Training / Testing

  • Code includes two ComputationGraphs
    • Training : Uses character-wise data from files
    • Testing : Greedily produces 1000 characters
  • Easy to see results in 10-20mins of training

Poetry : Epoch 1

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Poetry : Epoch 100

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Poetry : Epoch 1000

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Plays : Epoch 338

Larger network...

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	And thou say: and wall you teading for
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Theano : detail

Theano diagram x1

... zoom out

Theano diagram x2

... zoom out

Theano diagram x3

Theano : "Simple RNN"

Theano diagram x4


  • Theano makes GPUs Python-friendly
  • Code on GitHub : "mdda"
    • iPython Notebooks
    • Installation hints & "Misc"
    • * Please Star *


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'mdda' on GitHub